Jeroen Offerijns CEO & Founder of 42 Education

Jeroen Offerijns is a social entrepreneur and product manager, with a focus on using innovation and exponential technologies to redefine education throughout the world.

Jeroen is the CEO and Founder of 42 Education, a social business comprised of 35 young people from around the world, working together to develop an inclusive learning platform for primary education.

Previously, he co-founded Transvise, aiming to increase the use of digital technologies in traditional learning environments. Transvise is currently running a pilot program at the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

He has also worked on Net-Les, a startup providing online tutoring lessons to high school students, and he has been involved with United Netherlands; as part of this, a group of students received training in diplomacy, public speaking, negotiations and more. They put this into practice by participating in conferences at the University of Oxford and Harvard University.

Jeroen is currently a Computer Science student at the TU Delft, a Public Speaking Trainer at United Netherlands, a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and he has been honored as a Changemaker by Ashoka, a Leader del Futuro by Ambrosetti and a Global Fellow by the Kairos Society.


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